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How To Stay Healthy At Work!

Long days at the office or workplace can be draining. Dealing with time constraints, work stress and what may seem like a constant drip feed of cakes, crisps, biscuits and baking circulating the office, your willpower is seriously put to the test! Often ‘mindless’ eating and peer pressure to try your friends new triple chocolate fudge caramel brownies can be part of the reason you are not seeing the results you think you should be. It can be tough to resist, so here are a few top tips to avoid those sweet temptations at work.

Be Prepared

Stock up on healthy snacks to put in your drawer or close by. Fresh fruit, homemade protein balls, veggie sticks or nuts and seeds are great things to have to hand when you are tempted to hit the vending machine. Maybe suggest everyone chipping in to have a communal fruit bowl. You never know you might be the inspiration they need to also cut down on the sweet snacks.

Stand Up for Yourself

Remember what it is you’re working towards. Yes they might be tasty treats. But if you are committed to achieving a health, weight loss or fitness goal, unfortunately sometimes you do have to sacrifice an extra treat or two! And if your friends and colleagues are questioning your healthy eating patterns, try not to get annoyed or ashamed. Just calmly say you are focusing more on your overall health and wellbeing and pay more attention to what is going into your body. Don’t criticise them or force them to do the same, but thank them for the offer.

Become in tune with yourself

Are you actually hungry? This means for both ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ snacks. Maybe you’re eating because you are bored or it is just a habit to nibble on something while you are typing away. If your mind is preoccupied with your work, it’s highly unlikely you’re aware of how much you are actually eating. Try having a large glass of water or a drink, wait 30 minutes and see if you still have the same hunger cravings. Having a drink can give you that feeling of fullness, and you may realise that you were thirsty rather than hungry after all.

Moderate don’t Eliminate

If you want to have Nancy’s homemade gooey chocolate brownie, have the brownie!! Just maybe not everyday. Let’s face it, life and food is there to be enjoyed. If you start limiting your diet and branding certain foods as ‘off limits’ then firstly it’ll make you want it more. And secondly, when you do have one of your ‘banned’ foods, those feelings of guilt and shame are not helpful towards achieving a healthy mindset towards food. Which can then lead to a downward spiral of comfort eating and binging. So allow yourself a little indulgence every now and then! One brownie won’t reverse your progress.

Ultimately, try to find your own healthy balance and approach towards food. Aim to eat lots of good, nutritious food which makes up 70-90% of your daily diet. And enjoy that little 10-30% for a cheeky little treat to keep tastebuds and mind in a good and happy place!

Eilidh Brown

Simply Moving Personal Training

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