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Simply Moving Personal Training is based in South East London and is passionate about getting people fitter, stronger and more body confident through exercise, nutritional advice and promoting a more active lifestyle. Whether you are new to exercise or are just looking for an extra helping hand to push yourself further, I can help you get results that last and make a positive change to your lifestyle! 

My approach to exercise and fitness is straight forward. By simply moving more and ensuring you have a healthy, balanced diet you will begin to see a transformation in your fitness levels, health and mindset. I work closely with my clients to get the best out of them. I can provide personal support and can create a bespoke programme tailored to your health and fitness requirements.  

Hello, my name is Eilidh (pronounced ay-lee). I have always been interested in moving and exercise and I never sat still when I was a child. I began to dance at a young age and after leaving school I trained as a professional dancer for 4 years at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. During this time, I was taught by some incredible teachers and dance artists who challenged my physicality, technique and creativity. As well as promoting my own self-development and understanding of who I am and what I want to achieve. During my professional training I became amazed at how adaptable the body can be, something that I still continue to think now. Dance taught me how to become in tune with my body and mind, and to appreciate that to perform at your best both mentally and physically you need to find a balance in your life that works for you. A balance which is sometimes hard to find, but I believe having a positive outlook on your work life, exercise goals, diet and relationships can lead to greater happiness and self-confidence.

So now as a Personal Trainer, I draw on all my knowledge and experiences from years of dance and physical movement training to ensure my clients get the best quality instruction and support. I aim to promote your own body and mind awareness with movement through efficient and effective physical training. This will result in you not only reaching your goals, but understanding how to maintain your progress and make being healthy, fit and active work for you.

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