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Bank holiday weekend is almost here! And with that usually comes a few days of indulgence.

Bottomless brunch anyone?

Easter eggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert?

Are you someone who will embrace this to the max, or are you worried about how all this temptation will ruin all progress you have made with your diet and exercise goals?


A few days of eating a little bit more chocolate will not suddenly make you fat and gain all the weight you have lost so far. Allow yourself to enjoy this weekend and have some treats. Food (and especially chocolate) is there to be enjoyed. As soon as you start surrounding yourself with guilt and negative thoughts for eating it, this will be the thing that can limit your progress after these few days are over.


I'm not suggesting you should go to town on the Mini Eggs. It shouldn't be an ALL or NOTHING situation. Just because it is Easter doesn't mean you have to only eat chocolate and hot cross buns, and can't eat all the other healthier foods you would normally eat!

With all that said, here are a few tips to help you enjoy your weekend without going overboard:

1. When it comes to chocolate eggs, try to go for high quality chocolate or dark chocolate. You are likely to eat less of it and means that one egg might last all day, rather than eating 3 in one sitting and going beyond that point of being full.

2. Include real eggs! Eggs are a great breakfast choice and if your going out for a bottomless brunch, or just having brekkie at home, choose some eggs! This could be an omelette, poached eggs on avocado toast or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Packed with protein they can help you feel fuller for longer and a healthy way to start the day.

3. Moderation is key. As hard as it may be, try to monitor how much you are eating. Opt for smaller portion sizes and notice if you are actually hungry before reaching for the next handful.

4. Keep active. If you think there is no way you will get in your normal workout, find another way to get moving. For example, go for a Sunday walk or have an Easter egg hunt outside.

5. 80/20. Yes it is a Bank Holiday but it is also just another day of the year. Fill up on veggies in your Sunday roast to count towards your 5 a day. Have healthy snacks available so you have other options to hand such as nuts and homemade protein balls. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep you hydrated.

6. Make your own treats. Do some home-baking with your friends or family and try some new healthy Easter cookies or snacks. Then at least you know the ingredients that are going in, and you get the satisfaction of making them!

Happy Easter!

Eilidh Brown

Simply Moving Personal Training

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