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Hands up if you've ever felt uncomfortable?

Some of you may know I used to be a dancer. Or I am still a dancer, depends what mood I’m in that day.

Dancing had always been 'my thing' since I was a little girl. I trained professionally. Day in, day out. Dealt with the literal blood, sweat and tears, and the highs and lows being in the creative industry brings.

Fast track a couple of year later, I fell away from dancing and transitioned into the fitness realm. Which I have no regrets about by the way. I had stopped dancing because I’d partly burned myself out but also lost my love for it. Gradually after a year or so of not dancing at all, I made my way tentatively back into the studio. Going for more ‘Beyonce’ styled classes with the teacher shouting ‘YASSSS!!’ at me, bringing back the enjoyment, freedom and fun dancing had previously given me.

My confidence began to grow. I began to go to more advanced classes consistently and loved the feeling of nailing the routines again.

Last week I booked my first post-lockdown class back, excited to dance properly again. I then cancelled 5 hours before the class because I was scared of being sh*t before I even got there. Where was the proof? My self-confidence got the better of me from doing something that I know brings me so much joy. And the thought in my head of being previously 'good' at something, to then go back after 5 months off brought on a whole load of negative self-talk. It was just my mind dealing with the fear or feeling of being uncomfortable.

This feeling of being a beginner or not good enough can happen in so many areas of our lives. I bet when you first learnt to drive you were a bit of mess. Your first session in the gym probably won’t be 100% perfect either. You may have some wobbles. You may feel uncomfortable. But if it's something that is important to you, then you have to go through that

Being uncomfortable is part of the process if you want to change and grow.

Whether you’re re-starting something you used to be ‘good’ at, or heading for a new goal/skill/job/lifestyle.

Remember there are going to be times where you get things wrong. That doesn’t make you a bad person or the task not worth it. It just means you’ve got to put in some extra hard work, surround yourself with people who will support you, and cut out the negativity from your thoughts that are stopping you from reaching for all the great things you want and deserve!

Today I AM going to a dance class. I've told a handful of people to keep myself accountable. And rather than worrying about being the best dancer in the room. I'm going there to enjoy it, whip my hair around and have a damn good time.


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